Survival Tips

Survival Tips, in the Wilderness of America

Exploring the mysteries of dense forest or barren deserts, thrill any anyone who loves adventures. The excitement of facing challenges while tracing the untenured paths is unique. But along with the feeling of been challenged by the wilderness, the confidence of overcoming these challenges makes a great difference. The terrain can be a dense forest or a dry land with no water or food for miles. The survival tips to keep one alive under extreme conditions should as well be handy. It is always proven that more a person is knowledgeable about the land and the resources available, more are the chances of surviving.

The Three Golden Rules of Survival

There are various methods to survive in difficult wilderness, but three underline statements can make the greatest difference. The difference between life and death can be decided if the person is aware of the three basic rules. The rules are:

1. Anyone can survive for three hours without maintaining the core body temperature.
2. Anyone can survive for three days without water.
3. Anyone can survive for three weeks without food.

If a person is aware of these three rules then deciding the priorities becomes much simpler. For example in case a person is feeling starved for not having food for couple of days, can survive by drinking water alone. Here food is not the priority for survival.

Hence as per these golden rules one has to concentrate on finding shelter, method to keep body warm (like a fire place) and water. As protecting from the extreme cold or hot temperatures will definitely increase the chances of been alive.

Unfortunately it is found that majority of the deaths that happen in wilderness are due not following these rules. Hikers move out of their shelter in search of water or food and cannot survive the temperature change. Majority die due to hypo- or hyperthermia (freezing or overheating) or dehydration (lack of water). It is a mandate to be aware and follow the three rules of survival in any wilderness.

The Age Old Art of Survival

Wilds are much older than humans and our ancestors survived these wilds to make today’s modern world. The times when there was no concept of tents, water purifiers, sleeping bags or instant energy drink, people still survived the wilderness. They made perfect sleeping arrangements using leaves and grass. The huts made of tree branches provided enough warmth and shelter from wind and rain. The way to lit fire with stones or wood is another important skill. The skills to create these dwelling and survival kits should be learned before trying expenditure.

Its work of Art

The traditional method of survival concentrates on long term efforts for building survival tools than finding any instant solution. For example; the fire created hastily by friction of stones is short lived compared to the one created by a wooden kit. The kit is build with lot of thoughtfulness and hence gives better chances of fire been produced and long-lived as well.

The Line between Life and Death

Survival is a word that probably best suits the line between life and death. To keep oneself alive in the worst of climatic and geographical condition is what the survival tips intend to. Let’s keep them close by for the difficult times.